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MDF Wooden Panels

Our acoustic panels are manufactured locally from medium-density fiber boards, 750 kg/rn3, and are also available in non-combustible imported gypsum boards. The panels are treated to accommodate expansion and contraction in humid environments and with the use of expansion joints can be installed in environments of up to 70% humidity. The Stability of the MDF core board is maintained by a perforated matrix pattern that can be found on the rear of all panels.

With the ADVANCED GROOVE SYSTEM, the acoustic panels can be mounted to present unlimited sequencing, leaving an attractive, joint free continuous surface. Key to the acoustic shielding ¡s the unique grooved surface pattern. The surface pattern comes in either narrow spaced grooves, which appear collectively as a textured surface, or as wider-spaced grooves, where each individual groove is visible to the eye.

Interior Acoustical Products

Create a joint free continuous surface with our precise tongue-and-groove design

Interior Best Acoustic Products

Our products are available in a wide selection of natural wood veneers, which radiate natural warmth and atmosphere. All our veneers are custom made to order, ensuring a quality finish on every panel. The veneer’s structure and appearance is influenced by the cut and composition. Our attention to detail ensures that our panels always have the straightest and most even grained structure possible in rift veneers. As each veneer is a natural wood product, panel matching ¡s possible for each client order.

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ECO Finishes are a more economical solution, offering the look and feel of natural wood while keeping costs down. Our eco-finish range also uses our premium-quality Supawood substrates. They come laminated on both sides with a pre-finished, printed decorative foil, and come in a wide range of wood grain patterns.

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Mangfall Beech Oak Phillipine Teak Sapele Thansau Maple
Interior noise control
Description Acoustic panels are grooved 2,2mm and 3.2mm with perforated openings on the back throughout the grooves
Core Material Thickness: 16mm & 19mm
Material: MDF (Middle Density Fibre), Non Combustable Gypsum Fibre or Mineral Fibre
Perforation T-Girder4.8mm, groove 3.2mm = 16%,orT-Gírder 12.8mm, groove 3.2mm = 8%
T-Girder 5.8mm, groove 2.2mm = 11%,orT-Girder 13.8mm, groove 2.2mm =5%
Acoustic Fleece Black acoustic fleece glued to the back
Decor Finish Natural wood veneers or Eco Finishes
NCS & AC RAL colours available
Edges Longitudinal edges with tongue-and-groove
Edges Transverse edges cut cleanly to 900 angles
Customized edging
Natural Wood Veneers 1200mm x 600mm
600mm x 600mm
1830mm x 128mm
2400mm x 128mm
2750mm x 128mm
Eco Finishes 1200mm x 600 mm
600mm x 600mm
1830mm x 128mm
2400mm x 128mm
2750mm x 128 mm
Colour Coatings 1200mm x 600mm
600mm x 600mm
1830mm x 128mm
2440mm x 128mm
2750mm x 128mm
3660mm x 128mm
Gypsum Fibre 1200mm x 530mm
2580mm x 128v
2980mm x 128mm
Mineral Fibre 1200mm x 600mm
600mm x 600mm