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Acousti-Gasket Tape™
Acousti-Gasket Vibration Reduction Tape

Build Quieter Walls

Reduces Foot Fault in Floor & Ceiling Construction

Greatly Increases Floor, Ceiling & Wall STC & IIC

Dissipates Sound Energy

Peel & Stick Application

Easy to Apply

Reduces Vibration

Reduces Noise Transfer

Under $60.00 To Treat A
8′H×11′W Common Wall!

How it Works
New technology uses a cellular membrane to dramatically reduce vibration transfer through hard surfaces. With it’s peel and stick application, it is super easy to apply.

How does it reduce Sound Transmission and vibration transfer through common walls, floors and ceilings? Acousti-Gasket Tape is of low density and viscoelastic cellular rubber, which means it is a poor transmitter or conductor of sound. It will dissipate sound energy.
Deflection: Pressure PSF Average Deflection
100 lbs. .027
200 lbs. .046
500 lbs. .090
1000 lbs. .131
2000 lbs. .174
4000 lbs. .221
Made of an open cellular rubber reinforced with solid rubber particles bonded to cellulose with peel and stick back.

Acousti-Gasket Tape is placed between floor joists and sub-floor sheathing on studs or between layers of drywall to greatly reduce sound and vibration transfer.

Goes on Quickly – 1200 sq ft area in about 30 minutes

Roll size is 24′ × 1-1/2″

5/16″ Thick (8mm)


Perfect for Noisy Neighbors (Common Walls)




Conference Rooms

Doctors Offices

Home Theaters

Laundry Rooms

Mechanical Rooms


Government/Law Enforcement Interrogation Rooms

Quiet Rooms

Sound Recording Studios

Yacht/Boat Engine Rooms

Cover Face of Studs with Acousti-Gasket Tape Easy to Install Peel-N-Stick Vibration Reduction
Simply cover face of studs with peel & stick Acousti-Gasket Tape Install without mess. Screw drywall to studs through Acousti-Gasket Tape