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Noise S.T.O.P.™ Acoustical Windows For Home Theatres/Cinema Ports

Affordable, Easy To Install Acoustical Windows For Recording Studios or Projection Ports for Movie Theaters

  • 14 Gal. Welded Steel Construction
  • 2-piece Telescoping Frames Adapt From 4″ to 16″ Wall Thickness
  • Dual Pane Angled Insulated Glass Panels Factory Installed With Dual Isolation Media To Obtain Maximum Sound Attenuation As Well As Unwanted Reflections
  • Glass Options Offered In Standard Plate, Opti-White & Double Optically Coated High Performance
  • Hand Operated Hinged Glass Frame For Ease Of Cleaning & Testing From Between Sound Booths
  • Elastomeric Seals Isolate Frame From Wall To Eliminate Resonate Noise
  • Matte Black, Low Glare Powder Coat Finish
  • Clear & Simple Installation Instructions & Hardware Included


Stack multiple windows next to each other for a larger viewing area.

Need a Larger Window?

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Product Testing & Information

20″×24″ Soundproof Window

Rough Opening Size:
20″ H × 24″ W

Clear Glass Area:
17″ H × 22 ″ W


20″×20″ Soundproof Window

Rough Opening Size:
20″ H × 20″ W

Clear Glass Area:
17″ H × 18″ W

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