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Coat of Silence™
Interior Acoustic Insulation Products

Spray-On Sound Reducing Coating

    Introducing Coat of Silence – the easy to use, spray on coating for all your interior sound reduction projects.
  • As Simple as Applying Paint
  • One Person Process
  • Consistency in Performance
  • High Degree of Sound Reduction
  • Reduce Noise Transmission
  • Cost Effective
  • Mold, Mildew and Water-Resistant
  • Class A Fire Retardant

The Coat of Silence sound reduction system is applied using a 3-step application process of two layers of “resilient” base coat followed by a “mass building” finish coat. By increasing mass while imparting reflective and absorptive properties, Coat of Silence reduces sound transmission through walls and ceilings. The Coat of Silence base coat layer retains resiliency over time and the durable finish coat is ready for the paint or wall covering of your choice.
The Coat of Silence brings a two coat system that can be sprayed onto any existing surface or with new construction. A new proven soundproofing solution that keeps the noise out, the cost and labor down. Applications include hospitals, hotels, schools, condos, apartments, home media rooms, offices, retail centers, construction and many more.
COLOR: White
Base Coat – 9.45 ± 0.2 lbs/gal
Finish Coat – 9.85 ± 0.2 lbs/gal
Base Coat TNV – 64.28% (62 ± 2)
Finish Coat TNV: – 61.61% (62 ± 2)
APPLY TEMPERATURE: Between 50°F and 90°F
SPRAY NOZZLE SPECIFICATIONS: A 317 tip is recommended
Base Coat – One gallon covers approximately 100-125 sq ft
Finish Coat – One gallon covers approximately 125-150 sq ft
LENGTH OF STORAGE: Original, unopened containers may be stored up to 12 months. Open, unused material should be disposed of after a 6-month period.
FLAMMABILITY: Flame Spread: 15; Smoke Developed: 10
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Easy To Use

Interior Soundproofing Solutions
  1. Step One: After priming your surface, two coats of Base Coat is recommended for best sound reduction results.
    • Because of the product thickness, stir thoroughly with drill or paddle.
    • Because a membrane is created, spray an ample coat without running.

  2. Step Two: The finish coat is applied as one coat.
  3. It can be painted over by any kind of paint, including latex & enamel.
    • Because of product thickness, stir thoroughly with drill or paddle.
    • Apply an even coat to ensure a consistent finished surface.

  4. Application: An airless sprayer with a 317 tip and 1,800 to 2,400 psi is recommended. Be sure to clean the sprayer using soap and water within 30 minutes (after last use) or the material will begin to set inside the sprayer.

    Please note: the dampening ability of the material is not affected by application method.

  5. Clean Up: Clean up can be down with soap and warm water.

Below is a video showing the finish coat (white) being applied over the top of finish coat (grey).

Cost Comparison
QuietRock Acoustiblok Coat of Silence
QuietRock Sheet AcoustiBlok Membrane Base & Coat Finish
Requires replacement of existing drywall Required rehab to add the membrane Done on any existing wall – no extra labor required
2 Tradesmen 1 Person, Paint Spray Skill Set
Walls still need to be primed & painted Wall is finished in white, or paint color of choice
Comparisons based on a common wall 10′×12′ room with 5/8″ pre-existing wall (480 square feet)
*Does not include extensions of trim, jams & electrical to accomdate thicker walls.