Acoustical Coating Description and Purpose

Acoustical Coating Description and Purpose

This article is in two parts. Part 1 deals with the general description of the process and in what situation it is generally recommended and what it can do to the surface when it is applied. In Part 2, we will discuss the important points to be considered before you select acoustical coating, the importance of testing the product by accredited laboratories before buying it and the methods of testing and approval of the same.

Even before we start discussing any further about the details of acoustical coating, it may seem sensible to describe this item and what are its general applications.

The maximum demand for acoustical coating comes from jobs requiring refinishing of surfaces of products that already have some acoustical property (they absorb sound) and the purpose now is to add this fresh coating without damaging the existing quality of absorption of sound. Again, the maximum demand is in case of ceilings… that is why the term “Acoustical Ceiling Coating” has become so common.

Irrespective of the nature of the case, there must be a distinction made between an acoustical coating and a conventional paint. Also, it should be a matter of concern that once you apply the wrong coating on an acoustical surface, you cannot easily remove it and such a mistake could cost you dearly. Through the following article it is intended to throw some light on what exactly an acoustical coating can do and offer some suggestions as to how you will be able to identify one with some amount of confidence even before you apply the same.

Acoustical Coating – what it is capable of doing

First, let us examine the surface that is covered by an acoustical material like an acoustical plaster or an acoustical ceiling tile. You can observe that there exist several little crevices or holes all over, or quite often rough uneven surface textures. Just below the surface you will see a relatively spongier softer material that is intended to absorb sound.

These crevices or holes are the only passages through which the waves of sound can enter through the external surface and get absorbed into the inner spongy material. Because of this, whatever coating that you apply on the outer surface must be so formulated that it leaves the holes and crevices open without sealing them off with the pigment of the paint. The acoustical coating, consequently, is called as “non-bridging” material. Or we may say that, the product molecules will not connect with each other span or “bridge” the open spaces or gaps on the surface.


Cinema Theater Seating Selection and Installation

Theater Seating Selection

It is essential that theater seating has to be well-designed and comfortable for enjoying movies often lasting many hours. They should be durable and utilize the state of the art materials to enrich the viewer’s experience. Besides manufacturing and supplying theater seats the makers also undertake cinema seating installation be it new seating or retrofitting.

Commercial theater seating has undergone many innovative changes. For instance there are removable lightweight seating, rotatable seats and portable seating all retaining style and comfort. Today there are multi-purpose theatres where seats must adapt to the layout according to the types of performances. One example is commercial cinema seating installation where increased seating capacity is required to increase revenue.

When you are building an ultramodern theater or cinema complex designed by a renowned architect, the seating supplier can interact with you to match the color, style, and feel of the cinema seating with the architectural design of the facility. Upholstery can be chosen from a range of durable textured cloths to luxurious velvety fabrics.

Refurbished Theater Seating

Irrespective of whether you are planning to utilize the used seating of your own theater or the seats supplied by the manufacturer, the supplier may agree to undertake job of theater seating installation and give the ultimate installation a new look. You may be refurbishing an opera house that is a century old or a renovating a movie theater. You may like to retain the quality and original style of those used theatre or cinema seats, but a few of them may have big scratches, tears or parts that are loose. They may need to be stripped and applied with a new wear resistant coating of polyester powder. The wooden parts also may need repairs and finishing. And last, the upholstery may either be totally replaced or repaired with stylish fabrics that are also stain resistant.

Theater Seating for All Venues

There are many styles in fixed auditorium and theater seats and also removable type of seating that is both economical and ergonomic.

Used Theatre Chairs

There are cinema seating installation companies who undertake various types of orders for utilizing used theater seats. Many cinemas or theaters all over the country are frequently renovating or closing down. Meanwhile this trend has benefitted some opera houses and cinema theaters who can use the used seating for various reasons like budgetary or artistic value. The installation company can help them with the retrofitting or renovation by installing such seats for them.

You may also need the seats of your theater to be renovated, repaired and re-installed. The cinema seating installation people will strip the seats, refinish the wood, powder coat the metal, and replace the upholstery. Moov Group is one of the leading organizations that specializes in theater and cinema seating installation, supply, and consultation.


Noise Control 4 Ways to Minimize the Effects of Unwanted Sound

Noise Control: 4 Ways to Minimize the Effects of Unwanted Sound


Finding methods effective for noise control is a constant concern in several industrial and manufacturing settings. This is due to environmental vibrations and excessive noise levels having negative long-lasting effects on human beings and also sensitive equipment.


If too much noise and vibration are not somehow controlled in the work environment, they can cause much higher costs of operation. For example, workers having exposure to high levels of unrestrained noise will probably experience adverse physical and psychological effects like loss of hearing, higher stress levels, and migraine headaches. Subsequently these conditions can cause higher rates of turnover and more time lost from work.


4 Basic Forms of Noise Control


Four basic forms of noise control are present. They are sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation and vibration damping. Each of these function differently and are suited better for certain situations when compared to others.


Sound insulation is the first form of noise control. This happens on introduction of a solid barrier into a workspace in an effort to reduce the amount of vibration and noise intrinsic to that surrounding. This solid barrier assists lessen the reverberation of the sound waves that are offending by blocking them. The more the difficulty in penetrating the solid barrier, the greater is its effectiveness as a type of noise control. Therefore, very dense materials like steel and concrete are usually utilized for this purpose.


The basis of sound absorption is that neither can energy be created nor destroyed. Alternatively, it can only be transformed into a different form. With noise control of this form, the energy in sound waves is just changed into heat. A lessening of noise is a natural consequence of this process since sound wave energy converted into heat energy significantly reduces the extent of ambient noise remaining in the environment.


For this process, porous materials are utmost effective. Similar to a sponge, these materials actually can absorb the surplus sound in the surrounding air.


Vibration damping is utilized to control surplus vibration and noise related to solid surfaces, instead of real sound waves. This procedure functions by taking out the energy of vibration from the surface and transforming it into heat energy. This technique of noise control is like sound absorption because it is dependent on energy conversion instead of obstruction. However, similar to the other main types of noise control, the main purpose of using mechanisms of vibration damping is minimizing the impact vibration and unwanted noise has on the environment that surrounds it.


The fourth type of noise control is vibration isolation. As the name indicates, this method involves shielding an area or its residents from the origin of the vibration or unwanted noise. Addition of a physical obstacle to the workspace is the most frequent method of attaining this and can be reasonably effective providing that the barrier can sufficiently block the area to be confined from the offending noise source.


Based on the dynamics of a specific work environment, one among these noise control methods must help lessen the adverse impact of too much vibration and noise.

Movie Theater Renovation Tips and Tricks

Movie Theater Renovation Tips and Tricks

Suppose you have just owned an old-fashioned movie theater, loved by many cinema-goers. Your problem now is how put some new life into it and modernize it in line with the present day cinema houses.

You have to consider several details connected with the renovation of a movie theater, like equipment, seating and lighting. Picking the correct options for renovation will enable you to get your theater functioning in the right way, and at the same time it will be really attractive to your customers. In this article we shall go through few of the critically important items to be considered when refurbishing an ancient movie theater and converting it into a real modern masterpiece.

Steps for Refurbishing your Movie Theater

  1. Make sure that the mechanisms of the building function in the proper manner. No doubt, you will have to check if the electrical systems, the pipes and the water heater are updated. This would mean that you may have to hire professionals, an act that will save time and money for you over a period of time
  2. Make certain that it conforms to the city codes. Verify with your city regulations to ensure that your movie theater satisfies the city codes, for instance those describing the fire safety, occupant load, and lighting systems. Also, the movie theater must fulfill the necessary guidelines for exit signs, exit routes, and disabled access. In case these are not fulfilled it will call for specific revamps.
  3. Obtain the specified permits and licenses. You may have to possess these before you start your theater, especially in case you are going to have other events also there. Getting ready all the necessary documents in proper order is very important to launching your new movie theater off to a good start.
  4. Repair the outside areas and surfaces of the building. This may call for fresh painting and setting up of new sign boards, or, in case you wish to retain the older vintage signs, you can get them refurbished.
  5. Repair the internal areas and surfaces of the theater. You may probably wish to clean and renovate the snack bar area, restrooms, and the game arcade area (if it is there).
  6. Modernize the technology. Your screens and projectors will in all probability have to be repaired or updated. You can browse the internet online for the optimally affordable equipment.
  7. Replace the seats. Modernizing the seats is also important, particularly if they are old and uncomfortable or sticky. Remember, a movie theater with quality seats can assure more business to you—because it will be a pleasure for anyone to sit in a plush new, well-designed seat for the duration of the movie lasting for 2 hours or so.

Is Your Theater Seating Impressing Audiences?

Is Your Theater Seating Impressing Audiences?

Seeing an eagerly anticipated movie on the large cinema theater screen is among the favorite recreation of many people around the world.  Taking one’s girlfriend on a date to a movie is a classic example. Some families regularly go to movies at weekends for a get-together and family bonding.  Even friends as a group flock to the theaters to spend their weekends with thrills, tears and laughs.

Playing the greatest and the latest movies is not only what is needed to run a successful cinema theater. People want to go back to theaters that have installed the most comfortable seating that will make their experience of watching movie much more enjoyable. Patrons won’t come back to your theater if it means sitting through a very long movie bearing a spring pressure on their spines.

Suppose you are watching an emotionally charged scene in the movie and your seat squeaks loudly, the whole atmosphere can be ruined. Many seats of the older theaters are not ergonomically designed to allow flexibility nor do they have drink holders. Luxurious, comfortable seating means you will have satisfied happier viewers who will enjoy a better and complete experience of movie watching. They will most probably be willing to pay higher rates for the tickets once they come to know that they are going to watch the movie in luxury.

Why your theater seats should be repaired

If the theater seats are old, stained, and there are signs of wear and tear, you should allot highest priority to the replacement or restoration the seats.  If you neglect this feature of the cinema theater business you will end up losing money and business.

Seating manufacturers are constantly striving towards the innovation of seating with the intention of improving the experience of movie watching for theater goers. They also try to increase capacity of seating in theaters while maintaining seating comfort for movie lovers. The process of modernization of movie seats is going on to give the customers a more involved movie experience.

Theater Movie Seat Modernization

Technology has been developing to such an extent that it is now adding effects of motion even to the seats of a movie theater. Just as a soundtrack produces emotion and suspense, motion effects produced on seats are changing movie seating experience to a totally new level, something similar to a ride in a theme park. This immersive experience will make you feel as though you are taking part in the action.

4DX technology comes as the latest and biggest attraction to a few number of cinema theaters in the U.S. While 4DX, besides having vibrating and moving seats, it also utilizes these movements to simulate strobe, fog, rain, smells and wind, that are exactly synchronized with the action taking place on the screen.

Is Noise Relief For Town homes, Apartments and Condos Really Possible

Is Noise Relief For Townhomes, Apartments and Condos Really Possible?


Those people renting homes in multi-family residences are at an actual drawback when considering finding relief from noise for their townhomes, apartments, and condos. However if you have your unit in one among these buildings, some measures are present that can be taken which will certainly decrease the pollution by noise you experience, and better your life’s quality.


Exactly what is accountable for the easy transmission of sound across an apartment building? The answer to this is waves of sound require molecular structures or conductors which facilitate their passage through. Air is a conductor of sound wave, and the waves of sound will display a pattern when transmitting through air which alters when they come across a solid object such as a wall.


When that occurs, part of the waves of sound will be rebounded back into the space from which they emerged; however few of them will continue traveling via the wall and into the adjacent space. However, sound waves will really gain speed when they go through the wall!


How To Get Relief From Noise For Townhomes, Apartments, And Condos:


Getting relief from noise for townhomes, apartments, or condos is needed so that all their surfaces that transmit sound be treated from the floors to the ceilings, and even then, ducts, wall vents, windows, doors, and light fixtures are present which can yet let escape of sound from one unit to an adjacent one. However even then, the lessening in sound levels will yet be quite large.


The most ideal method for soundproofing the walls of your apartment is by adding to their density and also by building new walls having surfaces that collapse the waves of sound colliding with them. This mixing of extra density and disjointed walls will provide relief from noise for townhomes, apartments and condos by keeping external sounds out and also internal sounds in. Your privacy will be preserved, and you will not be forced to overhear neighboring conversations opposed to your will!


You can boost the density of your walls by using soundproofing vinyl to cover their surfaces, adding a set of furring strips parallel to the vinyl surface, and putting an extra drywall layer on the furring strips frame. You have now made your independent wall surface, and you prevent waves of sound from passing via the points of contact of two walls.


Relief from Noise For Your Floors and Ceilings


Another way to attain nose relief in townhomes, apartments, and condos is applying the density and disconnect technique to the ceilings, or to have a look at one of the several kinds of materials for ceiling soundproofing intended for your particular ceiling type.


You possibly will not have to make any changes to your floors if you reside in a first-floor unit. If not, then seek a soundproof underlayment for applying beneath your hardwood, carpet or other existing floor.

How To Choose Your Home Theater Seating

How To Choose Your Home Theater Seating


When constructing your home theater, you could pay much attention to the walls being painted black, decor, and installing dimmers with remote-control. Subsequently you install the large broad flat screen and suspend the projector together with the player of blue-ray and other components for audio video. You connect the 7.1 system for surround sound. You would also want the popcorn maker and freezer close to you. Your seating for home theater is possibly the most vital part of the experience.


Besides being the centerpiece, the seating should serve its function and also be comfortable, since the enjoyment arrives from not only what the screen play is, but also from how and where the audience is seated to enjoy the experience. Suppose you have lately been to cinema, you can appreciate the reason movie theaters are presently filled with larger and more comfortable chairs. When selecting seating for home theater the vital factors could very well be the conveniences and appearance the seating provides, and also the comfort factor, and certainly the cost.


Possibly the most vital element as much as it concerns seating will be the comfort. Comfort isn’t one among the factors that is regarding being subjective. Even though there is no empirical measurement or definition for comfort, some level of general acceptance is reasonable to expect. Seats must not be too firm or too soft, and the tangible response ascertained from the fabric must be positive. When selecting your seating for home theater, you should consider how to arrange the seating in your space.


Larger seats could appear to be more pleasing aesthetically; however they may not be correct for your room. You could be better off selecting seats taking up less room, however are still comfortable. You could be spending hours in them. For testing the comfort level the only way is to spend a little time in the seats. You might or might not need a headrest, and also you could appreciate the skill for moving the seat into diverse reclining positions, since the body isn’t meant for staying in one position for very long. You could have a liking for automatic or manual controls, and could be happier with additional positions.


The composition and color of the fabric is extremely important. Leather could be simpler to clean, and will usually last more than other materials, but the colors accessible in leather is restricted, and you require colors not that conflict with your decor. Other factors for enjoying can be affected by the colors since they affect diverse areas of our insight.


There are many accessories that can be integrated with your seats, like trays and cup holders. You could include ports for individual disc players and headsets. The issue with seating is that it is an item that cannot be returned easily, so you must do research to the maximum extent possible, before home theater seating or cinema seating installation.


At home enjoying entertainment starts with comfortable home theater seating. The seating for home theater could easily become one among the showpiece of the experience.

Cinema Seating – Bring Home Your Favorite Movies

Cinema Seating – Bring Home Your Favorite Movies


While constructing your home, you are likely to pay more consideration to designing your drawing room since you would want including a home theater setting in it. With the rising fame of the home cinema, excellent positive responses can be got from your relatives and friends. At your home, having a cinema seating is a great idea since it will raise the asset value your home has and also would give an affluent look to the complete living area. Specialized interior designers are there who are experienced in installing a unit for home cinema at your location.


You can use this option if your desire is using a luxurious method to furnish your house however if you would like saving little money and wish having the design of your home according to your individual tastes, then taking into account some factors would enable you acquire the best area for home theater designed. Initially try finding the chairs for seating in different designs and choose the ones having maximum comfortability. There are different chair styles available like the trendy couches, reclining chairs, bean bags, theater chairs, and futons. You can select any one suiting your requirements and matching the decor of your space.


Ensure that you do not get carried away by the fancy attractive setting at the furniture showroom since they may be deceptive. Take time of your own by testing the comfortability and softness of the chairs. For some minutes be seated on the chairs and subsequently while getting up, the chairs should be able to preserve its position. Help would be provided by this test in identifying the ones with comfortable and sturdy cushions having superb longevity. In case you find a dent or a pit formed in the cushion of the chair after getting up from it, it isn’t worth the cash you decide spending on it.


The actual cinema seating must have fluorescent lamps, dim lights, and LED lights in an assorted surrounding. The sleek look must draw your guests’ attention and also getting the appreciation of the guests is extremely important. This will increase your happiness that you’ll be happy when you get appreciation from your friends. Wisely select colors of the interiors since it must look good when the lights are on and also off. Also ensure that whichever item you purchase for the cinema theater would naturally complement the shade. This manner the look of the house is improved.


One more feature to improve your experience of cinema seating is choosing those reclined chairs having hydraulic systems attached to it. The chairs are made to rock and shake by this as per the movie flow however for having such a superb addition at your house; you should spend a large section of hard earned currency. If you would like to lie low, then choosing the ones having cup holders and underneath lighting would be an excellent choice since you will get an actual cinema experience.

Different Types of Environmental Pollution

Different Types of Environmental Pollution


People always seem to think that the air and water on the earth is never-ending, so they continue emitting waste gases weighing million tons into the air and discarding a lot of garbage into the lakes, rivers, and oceans. Consequently, human activities cause diverse environmental pollution issues.


First, let us look into land pollution:


Disposing off of the garbage has turned into a vital issue in several big cities. Among the garbage weighing millions of tons every day, the majority cannot be decomposed or incinerated, such as rubber, plastics, and glass, which are regarded as the foremost enemy of mankind.

Marine pollution is the next:


This is mostly caused by the leakage of crude oil from oil wells and oil tankers, the fertilizers and pesticides utilized in agriculture, the discharge of sewage from factories, and the acid solution let out from oil fields. These wastes make most of the oceans and lakes polluted. Because of this, the marine organisms are not the only ones affected, however the humans and also the birds could be poisoned due to eating these organisms.


Air pollution comes third:


This is the most serious and direct environmental pollution, mostly from the hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide emitted from cars, factories, power plants, and so on. Each day, there are several people infected with visual organ or respiratory organ diseases because of the exposure to this air that is polluted.


Fourth is water pollution:


Water pollution takes place when particular substance enters into the water and alters the physical, chemical and biological characteristics the water has, which subsequently affects the efficient utility of water, causes harm to the environment, cause danger to human health, and results in the worsening of water quality.


Fifth comes air pollution:


Air pollution implies that the concentration of contaminants in the air reaches to or more than the dangerous level, which results in the destruction of ecosystems and the regular survival and growth of human life. Because of this, it will cause harm to both human beings and creatures.


Sixth is noise pollution:


Noise pollution occurs when the noise in environment exceeds the standards of national emission of environmental noise, and interferes with the normal work, study, and living of other people.


What is more, there is the dreaded radioactive pollution which is becoming a source of severe health problem in present society. So as to remove various types of environmental pollution, several proactive procedures have been taken throughout the country. For instance, these days several cars start to utilize ethanol gasoline rather than the traditional gasoline that is very useful to solve the issue of air pollution.

FAQ’s About Anti Vibration Mounts

FAQ’s About Anti Vibration Mounts


It is extremely likely that most of the population has not at all heard of anti vibration mounts earlier. However, also it is very likely that majority of people have come across them in their lives at some point since they are utilized in numerous different things.


There are several incidences where you may be need anti vibration mounts including the utility in Formula 1 racing cars, standby power generation, military equipment, and medical equipment. The reason for the importance of this tool is because it stops too much wear and tear of the equipment it supports.


The foremost question that majority of people will have is the reason vibration isolation is very important and the reason you would require using anti vibration mounts. For these questions you can usually sum up the answers into two parts. Initially, the noise that something which vibrates creates can be annoying and distracting. This is mainly the case suppose you have to work close to the equipment being considered.


Secondly, from a product the vibrations can affect close by equipment, areas, and machinery. This can cause the malfunction, loosening of parts, and even total failure.


Irrespective of whether you utilize anti vibration mounts already or are just looking into it, possibilities are that you could have few questions regarding them. One question frequently asked is whether every mounting is the same or not. Even though some of them could look similar, actually they are very diverse and execute in diverse ways. Suppose you have to purchase anti vibration mounts, it is then sensible to utilize a company producing mountings which are made to a stringent quality control programme. This just ensures that properties remain constant from one batch to another so you can ensure that you are constantly getting products of good quality.


Because of the fact that anti vibration mounts have not been heard by a lot of people, they often think that they will be difficult to get. But, this isn’t the case at all since there are several different companies selling them online. One among the main advantages of this is the reality that all of your research can be done online which is a lot more time and cost effective.


Besides this, also there is a huge diversity of anti vibration mounts accessible in today’s market. This implies that you will more probably exactly find what you require at a price affordable to you. Some examples of the variety of different products that are accessible include sandwich mountings, heavy-duty isolators and machinery mounts.


Suppose the idea of anti vibration mounts is totally new to you, then doing some online research is perhaps an excellent idea before committing to anything. For getting opinions of other people on particular products this is an excellent way. Do additional research into what you would like doing and also evaluate the prices of different products. Spending little time doing this implies that you will likely save money and prevent errors the first time.