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The CURVE System™
Interior Acoustical Products
Interior Best Acoustic Products

Diffusors, Absorbers, and Corner Traps simplify the creation of natural-sounding, professionally-accurate acoustic spaces
Product Features:

Diffusor reduces narrow reflections and frequency-dependent modes; eliminates parallel-surface flutter echos; includes MLV    membrane bass trap

Absorber evenly absorbs frequencies from 200-20,000kHz

Corner trap reduces low-frequency corner room modes

Diffusor and Corner Trap act as diaphragmatic low-mid-frequency absorbers

No fiberglass or foam – uses safe “green” absorbent lining (recycled cotton)

Affordable & easy to install – mounting cleats and hardware included

Diffusor does not exhibit phase-grating (quadratic-residue) diffusor artifacts – no phase or frequency distortion, no high-frequency    limitations

Professionally attractive, with many fabric, color, and finish options

42″ length allows vertical stacking and alternating vertical/horizontal orientation on walls and ceilings; alternating different widths    avoids comb filtering artifacts

APPLICATIONS: Wherever sound is important – recording, overdubbing & mixing studios; home theaters & music rooms; broadcast booths & control rooms; video studios & post-production suites; film stages & Foley/FX studios; churches; offices; meeting, conferencce & board rooms; rehearsal & performance spaces; concert halls; nightclubs; retail stores; bars & restaurants; coffee shops; classrooms & gymnasiums; museums & galleries

COLORS: A wide range of standard colors & custom colors are available.

SIZES: All 42″ in height; custom heights available

The Curve System Family – Small Diffusor, Large Diffusor, Corner Trap, Absorber, Medium Diffusro


(all with MLV membrane) Absorbs 40-300Hz, diffuses 300-20kHz
Large – 30″ w × 10″ d
Medium – 21″ w × 7″ d
Small – 12.5″ w ×5 ″ d

Absorbs 200-20kHz
21″ w × 4.5d

Corner Trap:
(Medium Diffusor with corner trap) Absorbs 40-300Hz, diffuses 300Hz-20kHz
21″ w × 18″ d

STOCK COLORS: Black, Silver-Grey, Tan, Red, Blue – Custom colors & wood veneer finishes available.

OPTIONS: Floor stand legs (1 pair per Curve – includes attachment hardware)

The CURVE System™ is a simple, accurate, and affordable way to achieve natural-sounding acoustics.

For more information on The CURVE System, visit Acoustic Geometry.