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Noise S.T.O.P. DIA-SORB™ is made of highly sound absorptive material mounted diagonally over the corner between wall and ceiling edges. Noise S.T.O.P. DIA-SORB™ has inverted 45° angle edges for a custom fit. Available in non-flammable Guilford FR 701 Fabrics.

MATERIAL: Fabric covered fiberglass.

APPLICATIONS: Excellent in rooms where good listening conditions are essential such as schools, conference rooms, theaters, concert halls & studios.

SIZES: 12″ × 48″ × 1″, 24″ × 48″ × 1″

COLOR: Guilford FR 701 Fabric Colors

FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E-84 Class 1-A Nonflammable.

INSTALLATION: Clips, mouldings.

Fabric Corner Panel Acoustical Data