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Duct V-Max
Vibration Damper

  • Lightweight, High Performance Design
  • Greatly Reduces Structural Fatigue & Associated Failures
  • Reduced Installation Time – Simply Cut, Peel & Stick
  • No Unpleasant Odors
  • Alternative to OEM Specified Vibration Damping Materials
  • Automotive Body Panels
  • Marine – Hull Bullhead
  • Sheetmetal Chutes, Hoppers and Ducting
  • Computer and Related Cases or Housings
THICKNESS: .060″ with a .004″ foil and .056″ Butyl
DIMENSIONS: 12.5″×30″
WEIGHT: .39 lbs/sf
COLOR: Black Aluminum
FLAME RESISTANCE: MVSS-302 passes with a Rating of B<1.0 and UL HF94-VO
CHEMICAL TYPE: Butylene Rubber with 4mil Aluminum Layer
VMAX vibration damping sheets are constructed of an advanced, non-curing, butylene rubber bonded to a thin layer of black aluminum. Unlike other types of vibration damping material, VMAX has been engineered to utilize sheer force to control vibration. The thin layer of aluminum incorporated into the VMAX product will prevent a substrate from bending beyond a given point. VMAX vibration damping sheets are lightweight and require no special tools to install. The VMAX damping sheet may be applied to sheet metal, wood, fiberglass and plastic surfaces.

Automotive body panels constructed of sheet metal, fiberglass or plastic vibrate at various frequencies. If they vibrate at a high rate, noise can be heard throughout the passenger compartment and contribute to driver fatigue. This type of noise can also negatively affect the performance of auto sound system. VMAX will reduce vibration of the body panels by preventing a substrate from bending beyond a given point. The installation of VMAX will assist in reducing interior noise levels as well as improving performance from auto sound systems by preventing the conversion of sound energy into vibration energy. VMAX may also be used to create or replace flimsy plastic or paper vapor barriers behind interior panels.

VMAX is an important member of a specialized family of high performance damping products engineered to work together. Consulting with an Acoustical Surfaces specialist will allow you to select and combine these products to transform your personal space into the ultimate environment. Product must be used within one year for best performance.