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Ergonomic Flooring System

  • Made From Recycled Rubber
  • Recyclable
  • Exceeds Federal Standards for Slip Resistance

The Origins of the RxFloor

The RxFloor was conceived and designed at the request of a pharmacist who was desperately seeking a solution to problems associated with prolonged standing posture.

What Distinguishes the RxFloor?

Two factors explain why the RxFloor is so effective in relieving its users. First, because it covers the entire floor (pictured above). Thus, all persons are in constant contact with a surface ergonomically well calibrated.

The absorption capacity of the shock wave that provides a floor has an impact on musculoskeletal health. A carpet stuck with its underlay offers a vertical absorption (Figure B). As the RxFloor is floating, its potential of absorption is widely increased (Figure C) and, in fact, it relieves more effectively.

Our environmental process, by lamination of granules from recycled tires, allows to calibrate perfectly the comfort of the RxFloor to the needs of the people who work standing.

Ergo Floor

The Butterfly Effect

The meteorologist Edward Lorenz discovered that a tiny change in one component can grow gradually to cause huge changes after a certain time. A butterfly’s flapping wings in Paris could cause, according to this metaphor, a storm in New York… This concept doesn’t impact just the weather, it is observed in different areas of everyday life!

Applying the effects of time on the health and also that these effects are amplified by an aggravating factor such as long hours of standing, it is easy to imagine a deterioration or escalation of the aging symptoms. From the perspective of preserving the physical health integrity, wouldn’t it be an imperative to act on the causes of this escalation?

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the work environment to the needs of human beings. Previously, we did not have adequate technologies and knowledge to measure the harmful effects of work on the health of workers. The social costs have exploded and we find ever more effective means to improve the quality of life of our most important resource, the human capital.

For a visionary, the RxFloor is the most recent technological and ecological breakthrough in making more appropriate work areas. It is an effective management tool, modern and pioneer, concerned by the quality of life first. From now on, the RxFloor defines the standard of what is an ergonomic flooring system.


In my field of work, I am constantly searching for new ergonomic solutions. When I discovered the RxFloor I was immediately interested because unlike the anti-fatigue mat, that covers only a small section, the RxFloor can cover the entire workspace. It is recognized in the scientific literature that a floor with better absorption is reducing discomfort in the back and lower limbs.

I have personally experienced the RxFloor during an exhibition where you have to stand for long periods and I am able to confirm the benefits of this product for the people who are standing continuously.
— Patrick Vincent, Ergonomics CCPE

Since July 2005, my laboratory and the photography register area are equipped with the ergonomic flooring RxFloor. The investment made at my pharmacy to ensure an ease in the work of my employees is so far a great decision. Easy to clean and safe, it is really comfortable. The team is satisfied and the result is higher performance. I am pleased with my choice because I remain convinced that the quality of services offered in my pharmacy is in part influenced by the well-being of my team! I say bravo RxFloor!
— German Chartier, Pharmacist Owner

One of the laboratory technicians had to be away two to three times a year to treat pain caused by a severe slipped disc. Since she works on the RxFloor, she never had to miss work again for the same reasons. Personally, I don’t have pain anymore in my legs, and for sure, I would never work on any other surface! I am completely and totally satisfied from all points of view.
— Josée Fréchette, Pharmacist Owner

I worked for several years on a carpeted floor. It is dusty and difficult to maintain. I took advantage of moving my pharmacy to a new location to equip my laboratory with the RxFloor. After six months of use, one employee stopped the treatment for varicose veins and another is better because she feels less allergies. Personally, I appreciate so much the cleanliness and the ergonomic efficiency of my new floor that I don’t hesitate to recommend the RxFloor just as it was recommended to me.
— Hélène Pâquet, Pharmacist Owner

Ergo Floor 3

Ergo Floor 4

Ergo Floor 5

Technical Information
Specific References ASTM F-1303, Type 1, Grade 1, back of recycled tires
Slip Resistance Meets or exceeds federal standards and recommendations of the A.D.A. of .6 for matte surfaces.
Fire Resistance ASTM E-662/NFPA 258 – Smoke Density – 450 or Less
ASTM E-648/NFPA 253 – Critical Flux of Radiant Energy
Class 1, Back CAN/CGSB-4.2 no 27.6-m91
Chemical Products Resistance
Petroleum Products – Gasoline, Kerosene, Oil No Effect
Alkalis – Soda, Caustic Soda, Ammonia, Detergents No Effect
Dilute Acids – Hydrochloric, Nitric, Sulfuric No Effect
Blood, Vomit, Excrement, Urine No Effect
Ink Ribbon, Ball Point Pen, Ink, Lipstick Can Spot
Fruit Juice, Milk, Cream, Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Animal Fat, Fat, Alcohol, Salt Water No Effect
Coffee, Chocolate, Tea No Effect
Concentrated Acids – Hydrochloric, Nitric, Sulfuric Spot
Organic Solvent, Acetone Swelling Material
Rubber Spot
Betadine* Can Spot
Sanitizer “Prepadyne” Can Spot
Silver Nitrate Can Spot
Methylene Blue Spot
*The Betadine tests didn’t give any results on the RxFloor. However, as Syner Gény can not accept responsibility for variances in the production of Betadine, we recommend that the product is pre-tested before use.

The use of phenolic and disinfectants with a high pH (10 or over) may affect the physical properties of RxFloor.

Color Options
Rx Floor Color 1009 Rx Floor Color 1013 Rx Floor Color 1022 Rx Floor Color 1051
#1009 #1013 #1022 #1051
Rx Floor Color 1075 Rx Floor Color 1091 Rx Floor Color 1092 Rx Floor Color 1096
#1075 #1091 #1092 #1096
Rx Floor Color 1098 Rx Floor Color 2462 Rx Floor Color 2512 Rx Floor Color 2662
#1098 #2462 #2512 #2662
Other colors are available on special order.
The shade may differe from the sample or the image (website/data sheet).

Physical specifications
Increases the “R-Value”. A pattern of compression can be visible depending of the light. Width: 79″ – 200 cm
Length: Up To 33″ – 10.06 Meters linear
Gauge: 1/2″ – 13 mm thick (approximate sizes)

Sub Floor Preparation A “T-Shaped” molding covers each joint
27″ – 68 cm / 39″ – 99 cm / 54″ – 137 cm / 79″ – 200 cm (The width can vary ± 3/4″ – 2 cm)
The RxFloor is a floating floor that is simply put on the surface of the working areas.
Restrictions Wearing high heels will cause irreversible damage. It is recommended to not make use of wheeled equipment.
Warranty The RxFloor carries a limited warranty of ten years (one year on the moldings) against manufacturing defects and delamination of the sub-layer recycled tires. The damage caused by external agents is not covered by this warranty.