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Acoustywall - Fabric Gripper System

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The Acoustywall incorporates a track which frames the chosen substrate in high-impact plastic. The selected fabric or other covering is stretched across the surface of the panel and inserted into the tracks tight 􀀀fitting jaws which hold the fabric taught, concealing the edge of the fabric in a hidden channel.


CRUSH PROOF EDGES:The track or frame is manufactured from high-impact plastic. Wrapped 􀀀fiberglass panel edges crush easily. Their edges are dipped in a resin material (that typically contain VOCs) to provide modest durability—but not significant crush resistance.

FLOATING-FABRIC DESIGN:Because the fabric covering is tautly held in place by the track’s jaws, it is able to 􀀀float freely across the face of the panel (not glued to the face like wrapped panels.) This results in a number of advantages.

VISIBLE DAMAGE IS VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED:Dents, dings, crush marks, and depressions occur almost immediately after the installation in a wrapped panel or on painted surfaces. They occur in the Acoustywall too, but you’ll never see them because they are hidden behind the tautly stretched “free-􀀀 floating” fabric cover.

AVOID VERTICAL SEAMS:Wrapped panels are limited in size to the size of the substrate, up to no more than 4’ x 10’. This requires them to be oriented vertically in most rooms. That’s a lot of joint lines and you can’t orient the panels horizon-tally without even more. With the Acoustywall, the more desirable horizontal layout is easily achieved.

CHANGEABLE & SUSTAINABLEYes both, and at the same time. Because the fabric is held in the track and not glued down, there is no need to remove the entire panel to repair it or make a design change. Just pull the fabric from the track’s jaws and replace it. The track and the substrate remain on the Gripper. Save time, save money and send fewer perfectly good construction materials to the land fill. Most of the fabrics we ov􀀀er are themselves recyclable.

CONFORM TO ANY ARCHITECTURAL FEATUREOur Site-Fabricated System can be installed easily not only on Grippers, but on ceilings, so􀀀ts, in alcoves and more. Virtually any architectural detail can be accommodated, and in most cases without seams.

SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTSThe Acoustywall is much more durable than a painted surface. It just simply doesn’t show the wear.

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Fabric Gripper Systems can be used with a wide variety of substrates (also referred to as “insulation”, “backing materials” or “cores”) including glasswool, rockwool, minwool, polywadding, PU foam etc. as well as other materials.

The Acoustywall are compatible with substrate thicknesses of 1/2” and 1” and our Site-fabricated System can be used with virtually any thickness of substrate.

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