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Decorative Wood Louver Acoustical Panels

Monolithic Appearance

High Style – Decorative Acoustics

High Acoustical Performance

Custom Engineered and Manufactured

6 lb./cub. ft. density fiberglass core with fabric facing.

PATTERN: Fabric and wood louvers.

FEATURES: Decorative acoustical panels with overlaid wood louvers. Panels overlap to conceal joints. Wood louver edges square or radiused.

APPLICATIONS: Any place where high style decorative panels are desirable combined with the necessity to control noise and reverberation.


SIZES: 2′ × 4′, 2′ × 8′ and 4′ × 8 – Custom sizes are also availble.

COLOR: See polyester woven fabric selection. Choice of wood louver: Red Oak, Maple, Aspen with Fruitwood – Mahogany or Walnut stain.

INSTALLATION: ASI S.T.O.P. Noise Acoustical Adhesive (see clip machanical fasteners).

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