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Flat Faced Melamine Foam
Interior Acoustical

Acoustical Melamine Foam

Class A Fire Retardant

High Performance Sound Absorber

Fiber Free

Open Cell Melamine Acoustical Foam
FEATURES: Designed For Sound Absorption in a Wide Range of Frequencies. Increased Surface Absorption Area
APPLICATIONS: Industrial, Commerical, Audio, OEM Residential Markets, Ceilings, Walls, Partitions, Sound/Recording Studios, Radio Stations, Board Rooms, Swimming Pools, Churches, Schools, Gun Ranges, Enclosures
THICKNESS: ¼″, ½″, 1″, 2″
SIZES: 2′ × 2′ & 2′ × 4′
EDGE DETAIL: Square (also available with half-beveled edges by request)
DENSITY: 0.7lbs/cub. ft.
COLORS: Standard – Natural White or Light Grey
Latex or HPC Paint – Black, Light Grey, Almond
Painted – Black, Brown, Beige, Light Gray (Custom Colors Also Available)
FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E84, Class A. Flame Spread: 6; Smoke Developed: 15
INSTALLATION: Acoustical Adhesive

Available as Hanging Acoustical Baffles

ASI Flat Faced Melamine Foam Sound Absorption/Noise Reduction
  125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz NRC
1″ 0.10 0.10 0.30 0.70 0.80 0.90 0.60
2″ 0.10 0.35 0.90 1.25 1.15 1.10 1.00

Interior soundproofing