NADY DSM-1 Digital SPL Meter


NADY DSM-1 Digital SPL Meter

Professional Accuracy & Flexibility
With A Built-In Microphone

Omnidirectional ½″ electret condenser mic permits easy placement and super-accurate readings with 2 level ranges covering 30dB to 130dB at 32Hz to 8KHz. 4-digit LCD with selectable permanent back light, selectable A or C weighting, and fast or slow response. Hold button captures input at any time, alarm sounds when input is above the specified range, and internal battery tester keeps it honest. Threaded insert allows attachment to optional SMT-3 tripod or standard camera tripod. Up to 50 hours battery life from a single 9V battery.
Note: Stand NOT included

Nady DSM-1 Digital SPL Meter

Included: Foam Windscreen, Sturdy Vinyl Carrying Case, and Battery.

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  • Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
  • 2 Level Ranges Covering 30dB to 130dB at 32Hz to 8KHz
  • 4-Digit Backlit LCD
  • Selectable A or C Weighting
  • Fast or Slow Response
  • Hold Button Captures Input At Any Time
  • Range-Exceeded Alarm
  • Internal Battery Tester
  • Attaches to Standard Camera Tripod
  • Up to 50 Hours Battery Life
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Vinyl Carrying Case
  • Battery
  • Highly Accurate SPL Meter
  • Uses 9VDC Alkaline Battery With Up to 50 Hours Battery Life

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