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R & RL Neoprene Machine Leveling Mounts
R & RL Neoprene Machine Leveling Mounts
Outdoor Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Unit
A handy leveling mount for small high speed equipment. Mounts can be used without leveling bolts (R) or with (RL). Furnished with 3/8-16 or 1/2-13 tapped holes (A) or studs (RL) to accommodate large or small holes in the machinery leg. Neoprene resists oil, oxygen and ozone. The upper steel insert provides uniform mounting loading. Neoprene friction base also keeps equipment in place.
Type R Neoprene Machine Leveling Mount Type RL Neoprene Machine Leveling Mount
R & RL Neoprene Leveling Mounts
Type & Size Max Load Color Code Tapped Hole or Stud
R-4 or RL-4 150 lbs Green 3/8-16
R-5 or RL-5 150 lbs Green 1/2-13