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Eliminate Those Annoying Rattles with Damping Sheets

  • Formulated for Maximum Damping Efficiency Over a Broad Frequency and Temperature Range
  • Easy Peel and Stick Application

Made of mass loaded vinyl with PSA peel and stick back.
FEATURES: This multi-purpose, noise reduction material actually absorbs the vibration of any solid material. Can be cut using standard razor or scissors. Molds and conforms to irregular surfaces.
APPLICATIONS: The pressure sensitive adhesive makes for easy peel and stick installations and will adhere to most surfaces including metal, wood and fiberglass.
SIZE: 37″×54″ sheets
PATTERN: Grain leather finish and is cosmetically pleasing.
FLAMMABILITY: Excellent flame resistance, can handle continuous temperatures up to 250°F and meets UL94V-0

Home Theater: Can be used as a constrained layer between two sheets of drywall (sheetrock) to reduce wall resonance and control noise and vibration in home theater and Hi-Fi listening rooms.

Speaker Building: Perfect for lining the interior of your speaker cabinet. It will dramatically reduce vibration energy that would normally be stored in the walls of the cabinet.

Automotive: Installing damping sheets will improve the total ride quality of any automobile! You can reduce interior noise levels 3-10 dB by applying damping sheets to the door panels, firewall, floor pan, trunk lid or any interior sheet metal panel.

Damping Sheet&nbsp&ndash Home Theater Application Damping Sheet – Speaker Application Damping Sheet – Automotive Application Damping Sheet Texture