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Acoustywall - Polysorb Wall Panels

Interior Sound proofing products

The Polysorb Acoustic Wall Panel is a high performance and durable sound absorptive product. Installation of Polysorb Acoustic Wall Panel is very convenient and can be even completed by inexperienced labor and create visually striking interiors with superior acoustic performance.


Polysorb Acoustic Wall Panel is made from polyester short fiber. It is prepared by needle punching on multi folded polyester fabric sheets (arranged by carding process). The final material consists of a three dimensional network structure with breathable open cells.


  • Thickness: 9 mm
  • Dimension: 1200 mm X 2400 mm
  • Density: 237 kg/m3 (Testing method: ASTM D 1752)
  • Polysorb Acoustic Wall Panel is lightweight and flexible along with excellent
  • tension/compression stiffness.
  • The tile maintains its dimensions in high humidity and temperature.
  • The color of the tile maintained even in long term exposure to sunlight (over 4th grade in 240
  • his at 100°C).
  • The surface of the tile is resistant to surface wetting (rate of resistance to surface wetting: 99.6%)
  • therefore inhabitation of various germs and molds is inhibited.
  • Furthermore, the panel can be easily cut into any desired shape.


The Polysorb Acoustic Wall Panel can attain a maximum NRC of up to 0.60

The absorption coefficient over important speech frequencies are as follows

Frequency (Hz) 250 500 1000 2000
NRC 0.18 0.54 0.83 0.81


The Polysorb Acoustic Wall Panel offers robust fire performance and does not generate any toxic gases on combustion.

Test Item Standard Test Result
  No.1 No.2 No.3
test of
Time of balanced
flame (sec)
Within 10
0 0 0
Advance time (sec) Within 30 0 0 0
Within 50
32.3 34.5 37.4 area
length (cm)
Within 20
6.3 6.4 6.4