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Melamine Foam Acoustical Baffles

Fiber Free

Class A Fire Retardent


Reduces Reflected Noise & Reverberation

Melamine Acoustical Foam

PATTERN: Convoluted – Shallow Convolutions

FEATURES: Lightweight porous acoustical melamine foam for overhead noise control solutions

APPLICATIONS: Gymnasium, Auditoriums, Schools, Churches, Swimming Pools, Game Courts, Production Facilities, Broadcasting Studios, Offices, Factories.


SIZES: 2′×4′

DENSITY: 0.7lbs/cub. ft.

STANDARD COLORS: White, Grey, Charcoal

OPTIONAL HPC-COATED COLORS: Black, Light Grey, White, Almond, Medium Grey, Light Blue, Ivory.

CUSTOM COLORS: Please contact us to discuss custom color options.

FLAMMABILITY: Natural – Class A per ASTM E84, F/S 5, S/D 45; Painted – F/S 10, S/D 10; Hypalon – F/S 25, S/D 185

INSTALLATION: Grommet suspension.

SONEX One – Sabins Per Baffle – Type A & B Mountings
Hz 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz Ave
3″ Sonex One™ 2.3 5.7 10.5 15.3 18.6 24.8 12.5
Number of baffles, sizes and layout can alter performance of baffles in actual installations.

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