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SONEX Valueline

Melamine Foam Acoustical Baffles

Fiber Free

High Performance Sound Absorbers


Low Cost

Reduces Reflected Noise & Reverberation

Melamine Acoustical Foam

PATTERN: Shallow Control Surface

FEATURES: Lightweight – Acoustically effective to reduce reflected noise and reverberation.

APPLICATIONS: Manufacturing plants, warehouses, auditoriums, gymnasiums, sports centers, lunchrooms


SIZE: 2′ × 4′

DENSITY: 0.7lbs/cub. ft.

STANDARD COLORS: White, Grey, Charcoal

OPTIONAL HPC-COATED COLORS: Black, Light Grey, White, Almond, Medium Grey, Light Blue, Ivory.

Please contact us to discuss custom color options.

FLAMMABILITY: Class A ASTM E84, Natural: F/S 5, S/D 45; Painted: F/S 45, S/D 10

INSTALLATION: Stainless steel corkscrew hangers.

Sonex Valueline Baffles in Airport       Sonex Valueline Baffles Industrial        Sonex Valueline Baffles in Gym         Sonex Valueline Baffles in Gym

Sonex Valueline Baffles – Sabins per Baffle
Type A & B Mountings
  125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz Avg.
2″ Thick 1 5.4 10.8 16.3 18.7 24 12.8
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