Green Acoustic Treatment : Control Sound With Acoustical Wall Fabric

Green Acoustic Treatment : Control Sound With Acoustical Wall Fabric

Soundproofing With Green Acoustical products earn L.E.E.D certification that helps to add value for your interiors and building overall. Acoustical wall fabric is a complete green product and can be recycled.

“Renewable”, “Eco-friendly” and “100% recycled” are some of the buzz words we seem to come across everywhere be it a coffee cup or building regulations and codes. This obsession with everything “green” has long passed the stage of being just one more fashion. The need for environmentally accountable products has moved from being simply just a fashion to being a strong necessity.

L.E.E.D Certification with green acoustical soundproofing products

Building certification standard known as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D) is a benchmark for most contemporary buildings. To attain the maximum points for getting a L.E.E.D certification, architects are searching for “green” acoustical soundproofing products and materials that hold a promise to responsible environmental and Eco-friendly properties. Beyond focusing on the quantity of the material used, the content of the material and its effect on the health of humans and environment is also specified in the Standard. L.E.E.D certification emphasizes on a more result-oriented approach to interior environmental quality in order to ensure better occupant comfort. Specifying acoustic wall fabrics meeting the specifications set by the Standard can enable designers achieve the above goals.

Recycled Plastic as a soundproofing product with green matter

It is obvious that to get certified by such a body, you must use acoustic materials with recycled contents in the building construction.  An example is the use of waste products like water bottles in manufacturing acoustic wall panels. One meter of acoustic wall fabric uses 15 waste plastic bottles. It is estimated that recycling of about one ton of water bottle plastic saves about 7.4 cubic yards of space of landfill. That is, 36.5 million pounds of fiber used for making acoustic channels saves 365 million water bottles from landfills, 91,250 barrels of oil and more than 64,000 tons of smoke emissions!

Processing of Bottles to make acoustical wall fabric

Bottles are collected from recycling centers, sorted by color and type. Caps and labels are removed; bottles get washed, crushed and then chopped into quite small pieces known as “flakes”. After melting the flakes color gets added. Finally, anti-microbial treatment is done and then the product is made into acoustical wall fabric channels/panels. It can be again recycled back as fiber after its life cycle.

Other Benefits like improving hygienic environment

Apart from the “green” benefits, the acoustic wall fabrics have other advantages. The anti-microbial technique combines copper and silver ions into the basic fiber attacking the microbes. This technology acts against the particular types of bacteria that is airborne and that is of most concern to us. This makes this product very ideal for class rooms and hospitals.

An improved new design has enhanced the sound absorption of “green” acoustic wall fabrics by 25% (NRC of .25). The coverage you get is more uniform while treating the walls as it removes the flutter/slap due to reflection from parallel walls, at the same time helping to regulate excessive reverberation and building up of noise.

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