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White Noise Machine
Active Sound Masking That Really Works – Helps Diminish Surrounding Noises

Helps Prevent Accidental Eavesdropping

Provides Portable Privacy

Adjustable Volume

Low Cost, Easily Installed

AC Powered

Noise S.T.O.P. Soundscreen™ White Noise Machine helps eliminate or greatly reduce the effects of unwanted distracting noise by creating the sound of white noise. This sound helps diminish surrounding noises. Sound masking is set one to three decibels above conversational speech, rendering discussions unintelligible to those outside the immediate area. The random sound produced is non-directional and harmoniously uniform, and the masking level can be adjusted to suit a variety of conditions and privacy requirements.

White noise is a sound containing blend of all the audible frequencies distributed equally over the range of the frequency band. White noise is analogous to white light which contains all the colors of the rainbow together. Perfect for better office listening. Increases office speech intelligibility. Perfect for noisy open office situations. Use 1 per office or cubicle to increase speech intelligibility and listening in office environments. Noise S.T.O.P. Soundscreen™ White Noise Machine has a very sleek durable plastic housing suitable for travel or use in home or office. LOW COST, EASILY INSTALLED.