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Airborne and Impact Sound Isolation per BOCA/SBCCI/UBC

Airborne and Impact Sound Isolation per BOCA/SBCCI/UBC

Meets UBC 2-3 requirements consisting of ASTM E90, E336, E1007, C423, E1332 and E966 with speaker generated signal and tapper.

Background Noise Levels, Normalized Empirical Room Absorption, FSTC, T60 Reverberation Time, TL, FTL, NR, IIC, FIIC, and Ambient Climatic Conditions.

Taking acoustical measurements on site can be quite expensive and in many cases is not really required in order to assess room conditions for background noise and reverberation. Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. provides an economical method to audit room acoustics.

It is recommended that the client measure the background noise level with a simple Sound Level Meter, either purchased or rented through ASI. Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. will provide detailed instructions on how to take effective and efficient background noise measurements.

Determining the reverberation time (RT) in a room is a little more complicated, but well within the realm of affordability. Client will take room measurements and provide and accurate description of the room by filling out a questionnaire provided by Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. The questionnaire is returned to Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. who will then in turn download the information into their Reverberation Analysis Software Program (RASP). A report will be sent back to the client outlining the existing reverberation time and what might need to be done to bring the RT into compliance with acceptable classroom standards as defined by the new ANSI Classroom Standards.