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Noise and Time Management System


  • Adjustable Microphone to Set Sensitivity Level
  • Volume Control For Audible Alert On Red Light
  • On/Off Switch For Audible Alert On Red Light
  • Manual Settings For Green, Yellow and Red. (Want customizable, automated settings? Check out the Talk Light Time Manager.)
  • Light Color Can Be Changed Manually With Optional Remote Control

Technical Information:

  • Light is 18″ Tall, 6″ Wide, and 4″ Deep
  • Approximately 4lbs
  • Uses Automotive Light Bulbs Which Are Easy To Replace
  • Standard Power Outlet, 6′ Power Cord Provided
  • Can Be Mounted On The Wall Or Placed On A Table

Additional Applications

  • Child Care Facilities
  • Churches
  • Testing
  • Presentations
  • Notification of Transition
  • Hard of Hearing/Deaf

Talk Light Too is a smaller version of the full-sized Talk Light. It is designed to monitor the noise level in small cafeterias, classrooms, libraries and other common areas whre noise level is a concern. The Talk Light Too can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. It comes with all the features and technology found in the orignal Talk Light, but in a more portable size.

The manual or programmable Time Manager is designed to time events such as presentations, debates, circuit training, tournaments or any other time sensitive applications. There is also an optional remote control that can be used to change the colors of the light.
DIMENSIONS: 18″ Tall, 6″ Wide, 4″ Deep
WEIGHT: 4 lbs.
POWER REQUIREMENTS: Standard grounded power outlet. 6′ power cord provided.
LIGHT BULBS: Glass wedge base #918. Available at home improvement stores and automative supply stores.
SENSITIVITY: Adjustable from 54db to over 100db
CASE MATERIAL: Steel, painted traffic light yellow.

Talk Light™ Too Optional Accessories

Talk Light Remote TALK LIGHT™ Too Remote Control
The hand-held remote control allows the user to override the noise management function of the light. The light can be changed from green, yellow, yellow flashing, red and back to noise management with this hand-held remote.
Talk Light Timer TALK LIGHT™ Too Timer
The timer allows the Talk Light to be preprogrammed to automatically turn on and off for the hours that are needed.