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Are you looking to improve your acoustic knowledge by spending lakhs in abroad? Do you want to improve the profile through acoustics service? Do you wonder how to best deal with sound? Then this training is only for conducted for you.

Acoustical Surfaces (Pvt.) Ltd. offers many skill enhancement training courses for all the professionals in the respective field. The courses delivered are in one-week formats which are designed to response to specific skill competency needs.

Although a formal engineering based qualification would be advantageous, it is not deemed necessary as long as it is understood that there are sessions within the course dealing with relatively complex calculations. A reasonable understanding of Sound Level Meters / Instrumentation will be required.

The venue for the course is likely to be Acoustical Surfaces (Pvt.) Ltd. Training Room at our Bangalore office, which have facilities to enable practical testing of room pairs to be carried out.

The first two days would be based around classroom presentations, incorporating practical demonstrations. The third day would be dealing with all aspects of testing, including conducting real-life practical airborne and impact testing.

Please click here to view the Syllabus offered during the Training Period.

Courses are added frequently. If your required course is not listed here for the current program, please send us your enquiry at

Registration has to be done one week prior to commencing the class. This schedule is for publicly scheduled training courses. The timings would be from 9am to 5 pm.