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Module 1: The Properties of Sound
What is Sound?
Graphing Waves

Module 2: Modes and Harmonics
Vibration and Modes
Representing Waveforms with Equations
Harmonics and Complex Waveforms
Modes and Harmonics

Module 3: Decibels and Octaves
Review of Logarithms
Octaves and Octave Bands
Sound Pressure Level

Module 4: Sound Level Measurement
Adding Decibels
Equal Loudness Contours
Frequency Weighting
Sound Level Meters

Module 5: Sound Outdoors
Inverse Square Law
Source Models
When Sound Hits Things
Sound Barriers

Module 6: Room Acoustics
Sound Absorption
Propagation Indoors
Impulse Response
Reverberation Time
Room Constant
Critical Distance
Converting Power to Pressure

Module 7: Sound Indoors - Virtual Field Trip
Theater Overview
Measurement Equipment
Data Analysis
Sound Reinforcement System

Module 8: Sound Isolation
Absorption vs. Isolation
Transmission Coefficient & Transmission Loss
Laboratory vs. Field Measurement
Mass Law and Coincidence Dip
Single-Number Descriptors
Composite TL
Decoupling & Damping
Practical Sound Isolation

Module 9: Small Room Acoustics
Standing Waves & Modes
Effect of Isolation on Standing Waves
Room Acoustics for Listening Environments

Module 10: Vibration and HVAC Noise
Vibration Isolation
HVAC Noise Sources
HVAC Noise Calculations
HVAC Noise Control

Module 11: Project
Building Acoustics Measurement
Workplace Noise Assessment