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Acoustical Surfaces are the industries foremost experts on soundproofing, acoustics, noise control and vibration control.

We offers millwork quality acoustical, wood ceilings and wall systems. Enjoy the elegance and beauty of solid wood and wood veneer available in a wide variety of either domestic or exotic wood species at a surprisingly low cost. Our acoustically engineered wood ceiling systems feature easy clip attachment to standard T-bar ceiling grids, full or partial access to plenum and class A, fire retardant finishing.

Fire Retardants offers a full line of do it yourself fire retardant products that can help make almost anything that burns be less flammable and comply with most building and safety codes.

We offers everything you need for Noise Control, Soundproofing and Acoustical Products for Commercial, Industrial, Educational, House of Worship, Pro Audio, OEM, home theater and other Residential applications. All of our products have independent sound and flammability tests and most products offered are ASTM E84 tested Class A-1 non-flammable. 

We specializes in classroom acoustics and compliances with the national ANSI (American National Standards Institute) classroom acoustical standards. Approximately one third of all students are missing 30%-40% of all verbal communications in the classroom, making it imperative that the acoustical environment be adequately addressed. If children cannot hear and understand what is being said, they cannot learn to their full potential. While all children will benefit from good acoustics the most at risk children are those with hearing deficits, middle ear infections, ADHD, or CAPD and all early age children just learning to acquire the basic cognitive skills.

In larger spaces speech intelligibility and good music listening is achieved when the correct sound absorption materials are installed to reduce the reverberation time to 1 second or less. In classrooms the ANSI Standard is .6 seconds. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team can stop the guesswork and pinpoint exactly how much acoustical material you need to achieve a certain desired reverb time for optimal speech intelligibility.

If you are in need of sound blocking products whether it is a floor to floor, room to room, ceiling plenum, industrial noise control or outdoor sound problems, - we have a variety of products to block sound from one area to another.

If you need expert on site analysis, we do have trained acoustical advisors travel around the world to assure you have the acoustical data necessary to confirm background noise levels, reverb times, STC or IIC . We check not only the Db levels but by finding the offending frequency or harmonic frequency from a sound source, we can define and recommend the perfect acoustical product for your particular sound problem

We now feature affordable, high performance, acoustical doors and windows that can be used in industrial, government, theaters, recording studios or residential applications where sound transfer might be a problem to be solved. No extra charge or lengthy lead time for your choice of whatever custom sizes required. 

Although we offer nearly every available type of acoustical foam and commonly used acoustical materials, there are many new high performance, economical products designed by us which will help soundproof your noisy space. The hottest high performance low cost acoustical product in the country is Echo Eliminator™. It is environmentally friendly, made of recycled cotton; LEED approved and class A fire retardant. Our new indoor/outdoor acoustical phenom is unlike any other acoustical panel available. Sound Silencer™ is unaffected by moisture, won't sag or warp, it is washable, mold and mildew resistant, impact resistant, extremely durable, tackable, class A fire retardant and has a high acoustical performance. 

Are you tired of itchy fiberglass insulation? We offers UltraTouch recycled cotton thermal insulation made from recycled natural denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recyclable and may qualify for LEED credits. UltraTouch contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to the carcinogenic warnings that fiberglass is required by law to display. UltraTouch contains no harmful airborne particles that can get into HVAC systems and the surrounding environment causing health concerns. 

We offers the most user friendly, do if yourself, high tension fabric acoustical wall system in the industry. Wallmate® can cover any size wall with out a wall preparation, no lath, no staples and no welting/gimp. With an almost endless choice of fabrics and superior acoustical performance Wallmate is a great choice to stay with in a budget. Did we mention you can replace the fabric as many times as needed? 

Our Home Theater Acoustics division will be happy to help with your music studio, rehearsal space, home theater or entertainment venue to make your listening experience as good as it can possibly be. We also offer sound masking, sound reinforcement, hearing protection and assistive listening products for a truly complete pro audio line of products. 

Our new acoustimetal system features acoustical, indoor and outdoor perforated metal ceiling and wall panels. This system no longer requires long lead times. We can have your custom panels shipped out quickly and ready for easy installation. 

Remember, for us there is no job which is too big or too small. We want to solve your Sound problem. Major credit cards are accepted for any size order. Ask about our Best Price guarantee. You can always buy with confidence and get the lowest price on all our noise control products. 

Check out our informative and comprehensive website at or for Pro Audio customers and 

To assure uninhabited acoustical performance and efficient installation always use Acoustical Surfaces brand acoustical products adhesives. Our adhesives feature low VOC, low odor, easy water clean up and are available non-flammable. 

Don't forget to order our NOISE S.T.O.P. acoustical sealant STC enhancer for every project. Acoustical sealant is essential to achieve and maintain specific sound transmission class (STC) values. Did you know that using NOISE S.T.O.P. sealant to fill perimeter openings of only 1/8 in a wall, ceiling or floor assembly can reduce the loss of expected STC value by as much as 33%?