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Acoustywood - Wood Wool Board

Acoustical Wall Panels India

Acoustywood boards are primarily applied as a thermal and sound insulating panel as well as a suitable plastering background, which may be applied either internally or externally. It has a very good acoustic absorption properties since the open surface structure allows for a high level of sound absorption. The material is known for its good durability. It has very good re resistance, tolerates damp and is not attacked by mould or rot. Compared to many other insulation materials, wood- wool slabs have good bending and compression strength. They are easy to saw, drill and nail. They have good adhesion to rendering/plastering mortars and concrete.


  • Suitable for outside applications due to proper moisture resistance
  • bullet_appli High thermal resistance
  • bullet_appli Convenient board dimensions: 1200 x 600mm & thicknesses of 15, 25, 35 & 50mm
  • bullet_appli High re resistance with no toxic gas emissions
  • bullet_appli High heat storage capacity (summer-heat insulation)
  • bullet_appli Adaptable for internal and external use
  • bullet_appli Compatible with ecological construction


Acoustywood are often used to absorb sound in factories, public gathering places, sports and concert halls.

Technical Specication
Heat transfer coefficient (product) Uc (W/m².K) Thermal resistance R d (m².K/W) Thickness (mm) total Width (mm) Length (mm)
3,33 0,30 25 600 2000
2,50 0,40 35 600 2000
1,67 0,60 50 600 2000


Soundproofing Solutions India

Acoustywood boards should be mechanically xed as per the illustration shown, using stainless steel screws with plastic mushroom head washers (available from Ecological Building Systems).