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Acoustywood - Wooden Ceiling Tiles

Best Acoustic ProductsWhen thinking green the first material that comes to mind is wood, for its natural and sustainable properties. We have selected the finest quality wood finish, that strictly complies with all fire requirements, without compromising acoustic performance and environmental consideration. Our wood tiles and panels are constructed using high class MDF, coated with clear UV enhanced lacquer, without the use of any solvents. For improved acoustical performance, several perforation options are available for the veneer range, circular or grooved, achieving up to 0.65 αW.

  • bullet_appli A beautiful wood finish that also provides acoustic comfort
  • bullet_appli A warm luxurious, modern interior
  • bullet_appli Suitable for outside applications due to proper moisture resistance
  • bullet_appli Board rooms, atriums, lounge areas, hotel lobbies, libraries, offices, etc.


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Ash (ASH) Oak (OAK) Red Oak (ROA) US Cherry (CHE) US Walnut (WAL)

All Veneers have a matt finish. Variation between wood veneer panels may occur due to the natural characteristics of the wood and grain.


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Curly Maple (CM) Pear (PH) Canadian Maple (MD)

Curly Maple and Pear Laminates have a semi-matt finish and the Canadian Maple Laminate has an extra-matt finish.


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600 x 600 mm 1200 x 600 mm* 1200 x 300 mm*

* Rectangular dimensions available only on wood veneer products.

Acoustic Panels India


Grid colour : Recommended colour options: Black (RAL 9005)

Alternative grid colour options: Global White (GW) / Silver Grey (RAL 9006). On request: Beige (RAL 1001)